Recipes from 2019

Term 1 Week 5
Pasta with Herb Pesto
Summer Salad
Zucchini Orzo and Mint Salad
Fried Rice Lettuce Cups

Term 1 Week 6
Tzatziki Dip
Vanilla Stone Fruit Cake
Zucchini Slice

Term 2 Week 2
Gozleme of Mint Feta and Spinach
Lithuanian Carrot Baba
Quince Crumble
Risotto with Spinach

Term 2 Week 3
Firm Polenta
Fried Crispy Polenta with Rosemary Salt
Lemon Melting Moments
Tomato and Mozzarella Arancini
Twice Baked Souffle

Term 2 Week 4
Golden Syrup Dumplings
Oven Baked Spring Rolls
Pumpkin Madras Curry
Spring Onion Bread
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Term 2 Week 5
Lemon Delicious
Mini Potato Roti
Noodle Mountain
Vegetable Samosas

Term 2 Week 6
Beetroot and Herb Risotto
Cheese and Herb Scones
Gratin Dauphinois
Yogurt Cake with Citrus Syrup

Term 2 Week 7
Lemon Ricotta Cake
Pasta Winter Bake
Pumpkin Bread
Coconut Yogurt Cake

Term 2 Week 8
Kitchen Garden Pastries
Leafy Salad and Yogurt Dressing
Silverbeet and Ricotta Canneloni
Sweet Potato Fries

Term 3 Week 2
Potato Gnocchi
Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes
Kale and Ricotta Gnocchi
Kale and Fetta Bread

Term 3 Week 3
Caesar Salad
Pumpkin Gnocchi
Rhubard Crumble Cake
Silverbeet Slice

Term 3 Week 4
Pitta Bread
Potato Chips with Fetta

Term 3 Week 5
Lemon Madeleines
Quick and Crunchy French Baguettes
Spinach Quiche
Tart Flambee

Term 3 Week 6
Coconut Rice
Dipping Sauce
Japanese Milk Bread
Oven Baked Spring Rolls
Spinach Wontons
Vegetable Gyoza

Term 3 Week 7
Kale Chips Greek Style
Patatas Bravas
Portuguese Style Tarts
Sweet Potato Croquettes

Term 4 Week 2
Kale and Carrot Noodles
Pizza Margarita
Rustic Rhubarb Cake
Silverbeet Calzone

Term 4 Week 3
Gozleme of Mint Fetta and Spinach
Kale and Ricotta Gnocchi
Reconciliation Pizza

Salad of the Imagination

Term 4 Week 4
Fennel Seed Grisini
Hummus Two Ways
Tortilla with Peas

Term 4 Week 5
Oat Cookies
Cauliflower Savoury Scones

Term 4 Week 6
Apple Turnovers
Extra Vegetable Fried Rice
Veggie Burger

Term 4 Week 7
Broadbean Brushetta
Potato and Egg Salad
Rhubarb Crumble Muffins

Term 4 Week 8
Broadbean Pesto
Oven Baked Spring Rolls
Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Sage Scones
Rosemary Foccacio

Term 4 Week 9
Leafy Salad with Yogurt Dressing
Lemon Slice
Pasta Salad
Rosemary Foccacio

Term 4 Week 10
Christmas Lemon Tarts
Coconut Balls
Pumpkin Drop Biscuits