ISeaICare Dolphin Swim

On Thursday last week we the sustainability leaders headed down to Sorrento for our first workshop for the I sea I care program. We met at the Sorrento pier to catch the boat out to the bay for the dolphin diving.

As we approached the diving area we saw a pod of bottlenose dolphins swimming alongside the boat. 
Everyone crowded around the edge of the boat to try and snap a picture. When the boat arrived at the diving spot we lined up to hop in the water. The water was ice cold but our wetsuits kept us warm enough. After swimming around the rock formation for a bit we saw a herd of seals lazily lying on the rock bathing in the warm sun. 


After that we had to swim back to the boat for a hot chocolate and a snack. The boat then drove us to another diving spot and there we saw seahorses, stingrays and lots of fish. We are so excited to participate in this leadership program. 

Charlotte, Paige, Chris, Hanna and Charlie


How to perfect planting at home & school! 




It was a bright still day, the sun shone through the trees. This was a rare occasion this week  so we took it as the perfect opportunity to go out bird watching for the Aussie Bird Count  to learn more about the bird biodiversity at our school. The 5S classroom accompanied by the littlest crew at EPS, Prep A took to the grounds and completed a bird audit. It was so interesting to see so many birds, some native and others introduced throughout our school grounds. We learnt a lot about the different kinds of birds and how we can make improvements inside our school grounds to attract more native birds to our community. We cannot wait for the next Aussie Bird Count next year!
- 5S classroom




GREEN DAY is happening in the last week of term (when September ends- ish) and we couldn’t be more excited! 

The kids are invited to wear Green and bring a gold coin to help support our Environment!

We will be having a community-wide working bee after school from 3:30-5:30, followed by a sausage sizzle on the turf.

We would LOVE as many families and community members as possible to join us in making our school even more sustainable! Put the afternoon of Wednesday 14th September (Week 10) in your diaries!


If you are able to join us on our Green Day afternoon, please RSVP to this form so we can get an idea of numbers.







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