School Vision

Our vision was developed through significant consultation with, and contribution from, the school community including students, families, staff and the broader community.



  • Parents, students and school staff should help shape the aspirations for children at Elwood PS. 
  • The direction of the school should reflect the school community.
  • The policy should provide a framework for all decision-making in the school and be informed by educational best practice and research.



  • At Elwood PS we are committed to the educational, social and emotional development of young people and all members of the school community.
  • Our focus is about the growth of the whole child and all aspects of their learning journey.
  • We value a personalised curriculum that places the child at the centre of learning and teaching.
  • We respect the experiences that the child and their family bring to the classroom.
  • Involving the community in the school, and the positive impact this has on learning, is a major focus.



  • To implement a curriculum that ensures our students are highly literate and numerate, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are creative and have a love of learning. 
  • To ensure that our students develop a positive sense of self-worth, confidence and wellbeing through a focus on the values of resilience, respect, empathy, integrity and responsibility, and that they develop the lifelong skills to make friends and be happy.
  • For our students to be active citizens who are globally aware, who understand, value and care for the environment and society we live in, and embrace the cultural diversity that makes up modern Australia.
  • To engage our students in a rich and well-rounded educational experience that promotes creativity and an active healthy lifestyle.