Music and Performing Arts


Classroom Music


Music is an important part of every students’ education at Elwood Primary School. Every child participates in a specialist music class weekly for 40 minutes. Lessons offer an opportunity to have fun making music and become a better musician. In class, we learn through games, dancing, singing, playing instruments, reading and writing music and exploring composition. Each student is encouraged to join an ensemble as an extension of the program and performances include assemblies, community events and the Family Picnic at the end of the year.


We offer the opportunity to join one of our Choirs and the School Orchestra. You can take music lessons on a chosen instrument. Students can choose from a variety of musical instruments including Trumpet, Saxophone, Flute, Violin, Guitar, Keyboard and Drums.


Students are invited to jam one lunchtime a week in the music room and the music leaders organise our Talent Show one lunchtime a week at the stage area, which everyone in yard gets to watch.


We put on a bi-annual concert, which is for every student from Prep to Grade 6. It takes place at the Palais Theatre and features a live band! We sing and dance classic songs old and new. Students from Grade 5 and 6 audition for acting and singing parts. Students also help to create sets. We endeavour to include students with special talents like playing an instrument into the extravaganza.


During class, students have access to music software for sequencing, recording, researching and even DJing.  The music program benefits from a dedicated parent community, who support, donate and add sparkle to the musical program at Elwood Primary School. The students are fortunate to have access to a variety equipment and resources.


Please contact the school office for information about enrolling in music lessons.


Thank you

Paula and Kaz

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Senior Choir

Rehearsals during classtime for Grade 5 and 6 students. Optional for anyone at any level.


Grade 3/4 Choir
Students join this choir by choice and rehearsals are every second Monday afternoon, alternating week with assembly
Follow the link to join as a member:


Each year there are a variety of concerts that students take part in, including those who learn an instrument outside school.

Mid-Year Soiree and Summer Soiree
Each student who is learning a Wind or Stringed instrument at school is asked to take part in each Soiree concert. It's a delite to see each student improve and come up with their special performance. The students are encouraged by our enthusiastic audience. The concert is for students learning outside school aswell. Any instrument, any level of ability. Everyone is encouraged to come along including students from Stringed Ensemble, Orchestra and bands.

When possible, students from Elwood College who are studying an instrument take the oppurtunity to perform as well.

Ukulele Concerts
Muscians and song writers lift us up with their amazing music and Uke playing. They aim to have a performance at the end of the year. Uke students can take the opportunity to perform at a Soiree if they like.

Annual Family Picnic
Each year Prep get their first time on stage as an EPS kid and sing something they've learnt in Music. The rest of the night is braught to you by the other ensmebles, choirs and none other than The Padres and Yard Duty Birds.

Talent Show Grand Finale
After many Wednesday lunchtimes of honing their act, chosen students are invited to perform at the culminating event which we call the Talent Show Grand Finale. Students who've demonstrated a certain flair, engaged the audience, dazzled with skill and put on a great show are asked to take part in the last talent show of the year.

Choirs at the School Community Market
The Grade 3/4 choir are invited to perform at the Elwood School Community Market, contributing to the atmosphere of the day and using it as another opportunity to have fun and gain experience performing. Contributing your time to the Market is a worthy cause, helping the whole community.

Instrumental Lessons

At Elwood Primary School we consider it important to offer a variety of instruments to learn during school time. They include Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Strings, Piano and Ukulele.

You can find information regarding each instrument either from the office or via or extra curricular activities page of the Newsletter.

Students who learn during school time are asked to perform at each Soiree, join an ensmeble and practise regularly at home to improve the best they can and get the most out of their time with our lovely teachers.

Please consider borrowing at instrument from the school if you don't have one. Depending on availablity we offer most instruments free of charge for a period of time. Thank you to the generosity of the school community for making this a possibilty.

Please contact the Instrumental Music Coordinator Kaz for any questions -

Instrument Loans

Please consider loaning an instrument for free. Complete this form when you pick it up. Please come and see Kaz in the Music Room outside of class times.