May 2024


Sparky, Nudy and the Power Rangers 


The Sequel to Nudy and the Planet Saving Lunchbox is HERE!

"Nudy and Sparky, The Power Rangers!" is about two best friends, Nudy and Sparky, who love solving problems. One Friday afternoon, while they are playing online chess during Fun FriYAY, the power suddenly goes out. The whole school is plunged into darkness, and everyone is confused.

Nudy and Sparky decide to investigate. They check all the classrooms and discover it's a school-wide blackout. They visit the library and find books about blackouts. After reading and talking with Sparky's electrician parents over the weekend, they figure out that everyone using too much power at the same time caused the blackout.

Determined to prevent this from happening again, Nudy and Sparky come up with a plan called "The Power Rangers of Elwoodville." They propose to the principal that every Friday, the school should turn off all power to save energy. The principal loves their idea and lets them announce it to the whole school.

With their new program, Nudy and Sparky teach everyone the importance of saving energy and how small changes can make a big difference. This story shows how two kids can make a huge impact by working together and thinking creatively.

June 2023

We used the energy-efficient settings to dim school lights to reduce our energy output. The lights were running at 100% capacity and have now been changed to run at 50% in all classrooms and 80% in shared areas.
We will monitor and track the difference in energy usage in the next billing period to see whether this significant change has made a difference at EPS. 

May 2023

An update from Scarlett, your EPS Sustainability leader.

Check out our new tips to reduce the amount of energy we use in the classroom!