Technology and Library


Before school Monday & Thursday from 8:45 - 9.00am

Lunchtime from 2.00 - 2.25pm on Monday & Thursday



Please feel free to come and see us in the library before school every day, or just pop in to say hi during the day. We would love to have helpers in the library at any time, so if you have an hour or so where you would like to cover books, shelve books, or even help students with books or computers, feel free to email Laura, Jacqueline or Martin.


This semester, students will begin each Information Learning Hub session by immersing themselves in books. They will search for and borrow books that interest them and that also support their classroom learning, and students will also use the library search engine to find these books.


In ICT, Prep students will be introduced to our school library organisation and processes and will learn how books are loaned in and out of our library using barcodes. They will investigate how books are organised in our library into fiction (picture books) and non-fiction (information) books and develop their skills at choosing appropriate ‘just right’ books to borrow from the library. They will also become familiar with the procedures and protocols we use at EPS when on the computers, such as why we log on and off and how to use a mouse accurately.


In ICT, Grade 1 students will be experimenting with very simple, step-by-tep procedures to explore a programmable device, in particular a Bee-Bot robot. They will also be jointly writing and entering simple instructions to sequence the actions their Bee-Bot undertakes.


In Grade Two they delve into the way that we keep our information private, in particular with passwords. They will begin to use their own individual usernames and passwords when logging in to our school system, which gives them access to their own private folders and files. They will also delve into how to use visualisation software to create mind maps (brainstorming).


Grade Three students will begin their introduction to the Google Apps for Education (GAFE). They will initially set up an organised folder and file system in their Drive. Then they will collaboratively work within Docs, Slides and Sheets and will also learn how to share documents with their peers and teachers. They will also create questionnaires in Forms and will learn about how responses can be collated automatically in a Sheet.


Grade Four students have a focus on manipulating and presenting data this semester. They will be collecting, accessing and presenting different types of data using simple software (Google Sheets) to create information and solve problems.


Grade Five students will be looking at data and how it can be presented, in particular through the use of infographics.  After selecting an appropriate data source, they will present this information in a visually appealing way as an infographic.They will plan the design of their product and develop criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the infographic data presentation style.


Grade Six students will also begin their introduction to the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and begin to use it for collaboration. They will also develop their understanding of how information is transmitted between devices, through the use of Makey Makey - an invention kit where students can turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. 



Happy reading and computing!



               Laura Collins & Jacqueline Hughes - Library Teachers




                Martin Van - Librarian