This term students will be introduced to a variety of mark making. They will experiment with line before exploring Self-Portraits. The portraits will involve the use of watercolour paint, line work, observation and collage to create unique pieces.

Grade 1

In Grade 1 this term we will be exploring the Art of Pablo Picasso. Students will use his distinctive cubist style as inspiration when creating their own self-portraits. They will be developing their ability to use colour and shape with purpose and will be using oil pastels and watercolour to bring their work to life!

Grade 2

Students in Grade 2 will be exploring shape and line designs by creating animal outline drawings filled with line and pattern designs. They will also be exploring self-portraits and will be drawing and painting pictures of themselves in the future.

Grade 3

Grade 3 students will be exploring artworks from the popular Harry Potter Series. They will be creating spirit animal portraits inspired by their own character traits and the “expecto patronum” charm. Students will be experimenting with drawing and pastel techniques.

Grade 4

In Term 1 students will explore and create a printed collage, otherwise known as a Collagraph. Experimenting with shapes and textures that will create form and texture when printed. Student will be creating a series of 3 prints and will mount their preferred print for display.

Grade 5

This term Grade 5 students have been introduced to the concept of developing their personal portfolios and will create individual artworks based on their own interests and inspirations. With a focus on tying their idea, design and creative learning process to artistic principles and techniques, students will explore new concepts, skills and techniques through art theory and creative workshops. They will begin the year exploring Amedeo Modigliani Portraits and a variety of new techniques before diving into their portfolios head on.

Grade 6

Grade 6 students will explore their creativity and develop their personal portfolios this term. They will create individual artworks inspired by their own interests and experiences. With a focus on linking their interest, design/plan and creative learning process to the principles of art, students will explore new concepts and techniques through art theory and creative skills based workshops. They will begin the year exploring watercolour self-portraits before delving into a range of endeavours.

Thanks and we are looking forward to a wonderful term 1 in Visual Art!

Rosie Cooke, Kimberley Scott, Andrea Robinson and Jessica Smith