Term 2 - 2022



Prep – This Term, Preps are continuing to focus on the elements of colour and shape. Students will explore how to create texture using poster paints, before practicing their cutting skills to create an imaginative place collage. Students will also explore wax-resists while learning about cool and warm colours. 


Year 1 – This Term, students will create an art piece that marks a special pathway or journey in response to learning about possum skin cloaks. Students will also create their own piece of felted fabric using a wet-felting technique. Artwork will be inspired by their observations of the weather and the Boon Wurrung season, Mana Meet. 


Year 2 – Students will create a stunning aerial view of somewhere special in their community using various watercolour techniques. Students will also create a patterned Bundjil, to add to their aerial view, inspired by the designs often found in Koorie wooden artifacts. Students will also learn about some of the Indigenous flora found on Bunurong County through the creation of a painted paper collage based on their chosen flora. 


Year 3 – Students will begin this term by creating a collaged animal artwork inspired by a special memory. They will use this memory to choose an animal that best represents how they felt. Using patterned and coloured tissue papers they will create their collage before adding pattern and line to embellish their work. In the second half of this term students will build on their painting skills to create an artwork inspired by Australia’s flora and fauna. They will study colour mixing for their painted backgrounds and the art element of space to create balance when drawing on their plants and birds.


Year 4 – This term students will explore architecture as an expression of society and culture. They will then create their own imaginative house based on their interests and passions. Students will add detail to their drawings to create interest and blend colour using techniques with watercolour pencils. For their second artwork this term, students will focus on their understanding of the horizon line and how objects appear in the foreground, middleground and background. They will use this understanding to create a collaged inspired by Australian landscapes.


Year 5 – In Term 2, Year 5 students will study graffiti art and discuss their opinions on it’s legitimacy. Ideas of vandalism, activism and freedom of speech will be explored. Students will then use the art element of form to plan, design and create a 3D fence with their name or word of their choice in graffiti lettering, creating personal symbols as part of their design.  To complete the work students will use Magic Clay to sculpt items that add detail and interest.


Year 6 – Year 6 students will explore their creativity and develop their personal portfolios this term. They will create individual artworks inspired by their own interests and experiences. With a focus on linking their interests, designs, plans and creative learning process to the principles of art, students will explore new concepts and techniques through art theory and creative skills based workshops.


Jo and Leyna