School Council

2023 School Council Dates : All meetings are held in the staff room at 6.30pm

Thurs 23rd Feb 

Tues 21st March (AGM)

Thurs 25th May

Thurs 20th July

Thurs 31st Aug

Thurs 26th Oct

Thurs 23rd Nov

Dec (TBA)


The role of the School Council is to serve and promote the interests of Elwood Primary School students, staff and parents and to promote the school in the wider school community.

The School Council is a legally constituted body obligated under the Education Act 1958 to fulfil the following responsibilities:

* Determine the educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister of Education;
* Exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensure that they are kept in good order and condition;
* Make any recommendations it thinks necessary for the replacement, extension or alteration of, any buildings, and for improvements to the buildings and grounds;
* Provide for the necessary cleaning services;
* Ensure that all monies received by the school are expended appropriately and keep financial accounts as directed by the    Department and present audited statements;
* Stimulate interest in the school;
* Carry out any other prescribed duties.

The School Council is comprised of:

  • A maximum of eight elected parents
  • A maximum of seven staff members elected by the staff
  • The principal; as an ex officio member
  • A maximum of two co-opted persons

All parents are eligible for nomination to School Council and its associated sub committees:

  • Strategic Planning/Policy Development & Review
  • Community Engagement
  • Finance
  • Environment/Grounds Development
  • Out Of School Hours Care (OSHC) Committee of Management

School Council meets at least eight times a year and its sub committees at least once a term.


Community Involvement

School Council welcomes community feedback and opinions. Members of School Council are available for consultation. Parents are encouraged to interact with the School Council by presenting views personally or by signed letters, responding to surveys and involvement in School Council sub committee activities.


Parents are invited to attend and observe School Council meetings. School Council will communicate via a report in the Newsletter after each School Council meeting.



Andrew Gyopar - President

Ed Cook

Melissa Wilkins

Jeremy Hunt

Silvia Torner

Department of Education & Training (DET)

Nicole Richards - Principal

Jay Tucker

Rosie Grosso

Charlie Cooper


Strategic Planning/Policy Development & Review

Convenor : Rosie Grosso
Jay Tucker

Nicole Richards





Environment/Grounds Development

Convenor : Jay Tucker
Nicole Richards

Rosie Grosso

Student Body (Play Team)

OSHC Committee of Management

Convenor : Nicole Richards

Team Kids

Community Engagement

Convenor : Nicole Richards

Rosie Grosso

Sarah Gyoper

Brooke Adams



Convener : Andrew Gyopar

Nicole Richards

Simon Horner

Jeremy Hunt

Charlie Cooper





For more information please contact Nicole Richards on or 03 9531 2762.

The School Council President, Andrew Gyopar can be contacted via email : 

Click here for more information about School Councils from the Department of Education and Training.