Grade 1 & 2

Home Learning
This document is a tool provided by the Victorian Department of Education. It has fabulous tips and resources to help you with home learning.

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Information Night 2020
If you were unable to attend our Level 2 Information night please find the slideshow here.

Important Dates 2020

Term 1

February 14th and 17th – Grade 2 Life Ed Van Incursion

February 17th - P – 2 School Photos

February 24th and 25th  - Grade 1 Woodwork Incursion

March 2nd – Dental Van Visit

March 14th – Community Market

March 18th - Parent and Teacher Interviews

March 27th – End of Term 1


Term 2

April 14th – Term 2 Commences

April 28th – Grade 1 and 2 Music Incursion

May 1st – Grade 2 Science works Excursion

May 2nd Community Market

June 22nd – 24th – Indonesian Week

June 26th  - End of Term 2


Term 3

July 13th – Term 3 commences

August 1st – Community Market

August 6th – Grade 1 Dinner

August 20th  - Parent and Teacher Interviews

August 24th – 28th  - Book Week

September 5th – Community Market

September 18th  - End of Term 3


Term 4

October 5th – Term 4 commences

October 15th – Art Show

October 22nd  - P – 2 Tabloid Sports

November 13th – Grade 2 Sleepover

December 18th  - End of Term 4

Level Handbook 2020


Statement of Intents 2020

Every two weeks our teachers produce a fortnightly planner which is referred to as a "statement of intent' (SOI).  This document sets out an intention of what will be taught in the classroom; the overall developmental and learning objectives will be similar between each class in the same year level to ensure consistency.  However, the actual learning experiences will differ between classrooms to provide a personalised approach as the children in each class will generate and advocate for different interests and investigations.


The SOI are displayed on each grade level's communication notice board in their building; either the DWB or JLC. They will also be uploaded each fortnight to this website below.

Term 1 2020
Weeks 3 - 4
Weeks 5 - 6
Weeks 7, 8 & 9