Sustainability Vision

At Elwood Primary School we will strive to live in a way that has minimal impact on the environment. Our mission is to actively engage and educate students, staff and our wider community in developing a sustainable future for generations to come.



  1. To commit on a whole-school level to promoting sustainability and demonstrating good
    environmental practice in the day to day running of the school.
  2. To promote an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to all school events including
    the market, functions, and other activities.
  3. For our students to be active citizens who are globally aware, who understand, value and care for
    the natural environment and the society we live in, and embrace the cultural diversity that makes
    up modern Australia.
  4. To empower students to take responsibility for the care of the environment locally and globally.
  5. To be leaders in the local community in the promotion of environmental sustainability.




  1. To develop an understanding of energy use in modern society.
  2. To educate the students, teachers and parents about energy-wise practices, including the use of
  3. To reduce the amount of energy being used in the school through improved practices and cleaner
  4. To investigate and implement green technologies for our energy needs.


  1. To consume only what we need and follow green-purchasing guidelines.
  2. To limit the amount of waste that is being produced by the school by following the ‘waste wise’
    principles of rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle.
  3. To reduce the amount of rubbish that Elwood PS is sending to landfill by enlarging our recycling and
    composting programs.
  4. To educate the students, teachers and parents on ways to be more waste conscious.


  1. To improve our outdoor environment through the planting of suitable trees and vegetation that
    provides habitats for native fauna.
  2. To educate the school community in about supporting the biodiversity in our municipality.
  3. To link in with broader community biodiversity initiatives.


  1. To appreciate water as an essential natural resource and to teach our students to respect it as such.
  2. To reduce water usage in our school through improved practice, improved facilities and making use
    of recycled and storm water.
  3. To educate the whole school community about ways to reduce water usage both indoors and outdoors.


The above guidelines will be achieved by:

  1. Completing all of the modules of the Resource Smart Schools certification process and becoming a
    5 star sustainable school.
  2. The sustainability committees (involving students, staff and parents) meeting regularly to promote
    environmental awareness throughout the school and community, develop and implement action
    plans, and to assess progress.