MARCH 2023 

Elwood Primary School took to the school grounds on Friday to clean up and what WASTE WARRIORS our students were!

We had multiple classrooms cleaned up throughout the day by organising the rubbish found in landfill, recycling, and compostable bins. We even created a bag for repurposing!

At 2:30 pm, grades 3J and 5S went outside to re-organise, weigh the collected rubbish groups, and compare our data with last year.

Altogether, we collected 370 grams of compostable waste, 800 grams of items that can be repurposed, 3.5 kilograms of recyclable waste, and 6kg of landfill, equating to 10.6kg in total!

We were so impressed to see a HUGE reduction in waste, with a total of 10.6kg compared to 17kg last year!

Go, Elwood!

Thank you again to everyone who participated! 😊

May 2022


Hi, I'm Bianca and I'm the waste leader here at EPS.

We have a huge focus at the moment on waste at Elwood Primary School as we are trying to earn our waste star! 


We have a recycling poster in each of the classrooms and it explains the four bins that we run at EPS.

Our posters explain how to use the bins and what should go into each of them. 


Watch our Grade 3 students from 3J explain our waste system here at EPS below:


We also focus on the 5 R's, REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE.
According to the 5 R's, four actions should be taken, if possible, prior to 'recycling': refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and THEN recycle.

REFUSE: refuse to buy things that will contribute to our waste problem. 

REDUCE: reduce the use of wasteful, harmful, and non-recyclable products.

REUSE: reuse items instead of throwing them away.

REPURPOSE: for every item that can't be refused, reduced or reused, you should repurpose (or upcycle) it. You can try to make it into something new!

RECYCLE: collect all your recyclable waste and recycle it.


March 2022

Our contribution to Clean Up Australia Day 2022. 

Clean Up Australia Day Report


January 2022 

Hi fellow Elwoodians, 
Let's all do our part and assist Elwood Primary School in achieving our waste star! 
You can contribute by minimising the amount of landfill entering our school grounds. One way that you can do this is by packing a nude food lunchbox! 

So what is a Nude Lunchbox?

It is simply food, that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. The best type of Nude Food consists mainly of fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious PLUS environmentally friendly. Promoting Nude Food empowers students to make conscious choices about what they eat, and encourages them to think about their impact on the environment (and their health).


To pack a Nude Food Lunch or Snack, you will need:

  • If your child normally enjoys chips, yoghurt or other prepackaged snacks, buy these in a larger format and you can decant these into smaller reusable containers or lunchbox
  • To remove packaging from the likes of muesli bars before coming to school to reduce the waste
  • Plastic or metal drink bottles are recommended for refilling with water
  • Reusable containers for putting all of your food, snacks and drinks into
  • Lunch boxes that have lots of separate sections can be useful to avoid lost lids or containers
  • Cutlery from home is better than throwaway plastic ones

Try to avoid:

  • Zip lock or plastic bags, plastic wrap or aluminium foil
  • Plastic packed drinks, single serve yoghurts and cheese
  • Single use plastic forks and spoons
  • Prepackaged food like biscuits, snack bars and chips 


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