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The LOTE program at Elwood Primary School focuses on the national language of our closest neighbour, Indonesia “Bahasa”.


 Students learn Indonesian once a week assisted by Pak Made who is a native speaker and a fantastic Balinese artist. Each student is given an Indonesian work book to record their work in, and in a sense this will form their own dictionary of basic vocabulary to use over the year.


The students learn both Indonesian language such as basic conversations, greeting, colours and numbers as well as explore other aspects of Indonesian culture. We look forward to working with your children and hope to create a passion for learning about our closest neighbour!


Students can also further develop their language skills at home by accessing the website LANGUAGE NUT which the school currently subscribes to. This site has Indonesian vocab lists for many topics  and a variety of games and activities to help develop fluency. The website details are, www.languagenut.com , user name-elwoo4791, password-elwoo0523, enter the Modern languages, click on Indonesian, and then units 1-6. You will find many activities here.


In Term 2 we celebrate Asia Week where students watch a wonderful Asian performance as well as explore a selected Asian culture through literature, creative activities, food and investigations. This is a real highlight of our year at Elwood Primary School.


We value learning about our Asian neighbours and creating a sense of connectiveness to our geographic region.


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Kirsteen Reid




Term Two Overview- LOTE

Grade Two- After an exciting start to the year we will be starting a new topic and learning vocabulary and sentence structures related to describing our pets and farm animals. Students will also be learning how to describe the location of the animals by using prepositions such as on top, underneath, in front, beside and behind.


Grade Three and Four- We kick off term three with a look at Transport in Indonesia. Students will compare the similarities and differences between our transport systems. Students will then learn the vocabulary and sentence structures related to transport and travel. They will use this information to write sentences which describe the various forms of transport they use to get to certain locations.


Grades Five and Six- This term our focus is on Housing in Indonesia. We will explore what factors influence housing styles in Indonesia and compare those to Australian homes. Students will learn housing vocabulary and use this new information to design a dream house plan and write a real estate advertisement which describes their dream home.


Asia Week

At Elwood Primary School we celebrate the wonderful cultures of our Asian neighbours. Every year we hold a week where we investigate Asian culture.


Our celebration includes …………..

  • Learning Indonesian language
  • Learning about and Investigating Asian Cultures in the classroom
  • Having guest companies visit our school and perform amazing Asian focused shows, such as Japanese    Drumming, Bollywood Dancing, Chinese Fan Dances, Balinese Dancing and Martial Arts.
  • Ordering delicious Asian lunch orders from our Chinese and Japanese friends
  • Preparing and cooking an Asian themed lunch in our Kitchen Garden program
  • Asia dress up day where we dress up and donate a gold coin to pay for our friend Cha Cha from Ubud in Bali to go to school (more information below)
  • Our parents and friends share wonderful activities and stories with our students about their travels or childhood
  • All students get to create some amazing Asian art pieces which are displayed around our school

It is a great week and the children and staff love making this a special celebration.  Look at this year’s Asia week snap shots and see how much fun our students had!



 Asia Week 2016



'Pelangi'– Our Sister School In Ubud


Elwood Primary School shares a Sister School relationship with the ‘Pelangi School’ in Ubud.  Pelangi School is a very small not for profit International School located on the outskirts of Ubud.  It services both local Balinese students and International students residing in Bali.


The school has a special education program where they sponsor local Balinese children who can’t afford to attend school. This is an amazing opportunity for these students to get a head start in life.


Elwood Primary school has sponsored one of these students named Cha Cha for a number of years. Her family is very grateful for our support and this has made an amazing difference to their lives. Students raise funds during our Asia Week Celebration to support Cha Cha.


We maintain our relationship by communicating via postal mail and digital communication channels. Selected grades correspond with students at Pelangi by writing personal profiles where they use both English and Indonesian to convey personal information about likes and dislikes. We are also working this year on making and short video that show cases Elwood Primary School so the students at Pelangi can see what our school environment looks like.


Many students who have visited Bali and the village of Ubud have dropped into the school to meet Cha Cha and her class. Visitors are most welcome but it is best to contact the school directly as their term dates are based on the European Summer. You can see Kirsteen for contact information.


This is just one way we create more opportunities for the children at Elwood to make meaningful connections with our Asian neighbours.