Physical Education & Sport @Elwood PS



PE & Sport Overview  Term 1 2022


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This term the prep students will be taking part in different tasks and games to develop their spatial awareness, boundaries and knowledge of different rules.  Further into the term we will start playing more boundary and tagging games as well as starting to use equipment to help with gross and fine motor skills.


Grade 1 & 2’s 

We will begin by completing tasks and problem solving activities to develop our ability to work as a team in a cooperative way.  We will also start exploring the Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) of throwing and catching and striking. This will be done through practising skills aligned with throwing and catching and striking sports, as well as developing  knowledge we need for these games.


Grade 3 & 4’s 

Team building and problem solving will be a focus to improve skills in co-operation and communication.  We are then moving on to striking and fielding sports such as Rounders and T-ball, developing the skills and knowledge we need for these through skills stations and other conditioned games.


Grade 5 & 6’s 

A major focus will be taking part in team building and problem solving activities to explore the different roles that we use to develop our ability to communicate and work together.  The senior school students will then move onto striking and fielding games such as Cricket and Softball through conditioned games and skills stations to help develop our skills in preparation for Friday Sport.


Grade 5 & 6 Summer Sports & Round Robin 

The sports for this term are Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Volley Stars and Cricket.

After several practise sessions we compete in the the Summer Round Robin against other schools towards the end of term.

For more information, and to learn more about how teams are picked, please refer to the “GR 5&6 Sport” tab on the PE website.


Thanks and we are looking forward to a wonderful term 1 in PE and Sport!

Sam Casey & Kimberly Scott