Whole School Production


Our 2019 whole-school production is called  'Heroes of Change' Rockin the Palais #4.  This year we are celebrating the theme of sustainability.


Heroes of Change encourages us all to take action to protect our planet.  This pantomime follows our three superheroes: Agent Transport, the Green Guardian and Professor Trash as they overcome threats from the Eco Villain to destroy the Earth. Our heroes must work quickly to change the attitudes of some familiar baddies: the Wicked Witch of the West, Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort.  But will the superheroes find their leader Captain Planet in time?  Along the way we catch up with Peter Garrett, some misplaced koalas, Sherlock Holmes, tigers fighting for climate change and Angus Young.  But where are the EPA when you need them?  Elwood Primary kids are OUR heroes of change!

‘With a bam and kazam, we stand up for all it’s worth, up, up, up and away, we’ll heal our planet earth’

Class Songs

Find your classes' songs below. Each Grade has a focus within the theme and each song references their focus. 




We’re not gonna take it – Twisted Sister

Palalacan – Charlie and Tilda AND Mnah- Mnah

Girls (Kids) just wanna have fun – Cindy Lauper

Over the rainbow/ What a wonderful world

Grade 1               

Footloose – Kenny Loggins
Here comes the sun – The Beatles
Bicycle – Frances England

Locomotion – Goffin, King


Grade 2                                                                                                                                        

Should I stay or should I go? - The Clash
With my own two hands – Ben Harper (acoustic)

Shake your tail feather – Ray Charles

Rain – Dragon

I feel the earth move under my feet – Carole King


Grade 3

I feel good – James Brown

Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell
One way or another - Blondie

We will rock you/We are the champions – Queen


Grade 4

Stick it to the Man - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Eye of the tiger - Survivor

Waiting on the world to change – John Mayer
Rescue Me – sung by Fontella Bass



Grade 5

Sounds of then (this is Australia) – GANGgajang

Beds are burning – Midnight Oil

Yil Lull – Joe Geia
Solid Rock – Goanna

Grade 6

Horror movie - Skyhooks
Highway to hell – ACDC

Don’t stop me now – Queen

We’re all in this together – Disney


Also, here you will find information regarding costumes, lyrics, links to backing tracks and video resources.

Lyrics and chords:

Thank you,
Production Coordinators


Audition Script

Character List

Everybody in grade five and six please consider auditioning for a special role in the whole school production this year. The available roles are lead actor, minor acting part, singing soloist and backing vocalist.  Plus, there is one lead character who sings something in character!

Make sure you return an audition form and attend the audition meeting Lunchtime 1:45pm, Wednesday 8th May. If you’re away that day just let us know. In the meeting you will find out how to audition and what you can do to prepare. You’ll get a form during music class and spare copies will be available at the office.

Only grade six students can land an acting part. I encourage everyone to consider auditioning anyway for the experience. Grade five students who’re interested in being backing singers should audition please. We can’t have a show without the amazing backing singers.

Everyone auditions individually, however there may be a situation where we ask a group to read through a script together. A record is kept regarding each performance and may be used to help with regards to deciding who to allocate parts to.

Your audition will be in the Music Room, at lunchtimes during weeks 4, 5 and 6 of term 2. Each cast member needs to complete an online form before their audition.  Check to notice boards and music room for audition times and dates after the audition meeting.

Any questions please get in contact with Paula and Kaz, remember come to the meeting and more information will be explained then. Good luck and thank you. Looking forward to seeing you there!



Production Coordinators


We need help with creating props and costumes! Each class has a different costume, if you can assist in this area in any way eg. sewing, patterns, gluing and all purpose elasticing (think super hero) we would really appreciate it. Props include trees, vegemite jar and bicycles.

Please contact: Paula russell.paula.p@edumail.vic.gov.au

Join the production band, help soloists, actors and backing vocalists and or even join in the performance on the night. We wouldn’t have a live band without you. We rehearse 30+ songs there’s a huge opportunity to share the parts and it’s a blast to get the kids jumping.

If you would like to lend your skills during rehearsals we would love help with singing and dancing. Whether it’s a workshop, technique,  or sharing some experience the students would benefit.

Acting and singing rehearsals happen during the day most of term 3. Check the school website for schedule. Band rehearsals happen in the hall once a week leading up to the show Wednesday 4th September 2019. Sound check Wednesday morning at the Palais and Dress Rehearsal all day Tuesday 3rd September 2019, in the school hall.

We really need singers to support the baking vocals, harmonies and parts.  More horns including Trombone and Trumpet. Also a percussionist for groovey shaking and cowbell action.

If you’re interested please get in contact with Kaz: sieger.kaz.k@edumail.vic.gov.au

Our teachers Liam and Mila are joining the band, keep a look out for them!

Rehearsal Schedules

All students with special roles and class groups will begin intensive rehearsals during Term 3 for 7 weeks. Soloists and lead actors rehearse scheduled Mondays and Fridays. Those students with a special role will be asked to participate in the all day Dress Rehearsal Tuesday 3rd September 2019 and the following day Wednesday 4th September 2019 at the Palais Theatre for a Tech Run. Including the night of the performance, arriving half an hour early, roughly 5:30pm.

Class Rehearsals

Classes rehearse three times a week en masse in the hall. Students are bussed to and from the theatre Wednesday 4th September, arriving back at school before the home time bell.


Auditions will be scheduled weeks 4, 5 and 6 Term 2. Once you’ve received your special role try to be really familiar with your lines and songs at the start of Term 3. Look at them over the holidays, when possible.


Live, in house band will be in contact with Kaz about jam dates Term 2 and start regular rehearsals commence Term 3. Thank you to the guitars who’ve run sectional rehearsals outside of the band jams.

…more scheduling coming soon!

Dress Rehearsal information Tuesday 3rd September in the School Hall coming soon

Whole school rehearsal Tech Run at the Palais Theatre schedule coming soon.