Sustainability Leaders at EPS


2023 Sustainability Leaders

Our Mission

Elwood Primary School has a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. Our mission is to actively engage and educate students, staff, and our wider community in developing a sustainable future for generations to come.




I wanted to apply for the grade 6 sustainability position for many reasons. I am so passionate about making a difference in our school community. I like the idea of planting more native plants in our yard to attract native animals back into our school grounds.




I wanted to help drive change in the school for the better. I know that I can help clean the world starting with Elwood Primary School.



I decided to apply for the sustainability leadership role because it made me so sad to see the 1-star rating at the front gate. I want to make a difference in the school and help our teachers earn our 5-star certification.








2022 Sustainability Leaders




I chose to become a sustainability leader because I am passionate about our local environment and I want to make a difference in how we treat it. Living in Elwood for the past five years, I have grown to appreciate the beautiful flora and fauna right outside our doors and I want to do my part to ensure it is treated with care and consideration. As we come out of lockdowns, I'd like everyone to rediscover our local environments and give it the respect it deserves. 



I am passionate about sustainability because I think everywhere we go in life should be a clean and sustainable environment. My goal this year is to make our school and community as sustainable as possible to encourage other generations to create a sustainable future too.


I wanted to become a sustainability leader because I want to make the world a healthier and happier place to live in. I want to educate the students of EPS on the importance of sustainability for future generations to follow.



I wanted to become a sustainability leader so I could help make Elwood Primary and the wider community a sustainable environment for all. I hope to encourage students at EPS to make smarter choices like bringing in nude food and putting the correct rubbish in the right bins.