EPS 2021 Annual Report

I know that the Annual Report can be overlooked sometimes…not your most engaging or inspiring bed-time reading, but I would like to point out and celebrate some of the best of EPS data!

Please feel free to skim through the below and tick off the Annual Report box – but I have also added the full report to our Website for you:

Full Report 


*94.2% of students in Years Prep to Grade 6 are at or above the expected standards in English

*96.2% of students in Years Prep to Grade 6 are at or above the expected standards in Mathematics

………….both well above similar and state averages!

The percentage of students in the top three bands of testing in NAPLAN continued to show strong achievements in Reading (94% Year 3 and 93.1% Year 5) …………..both well above both similar and state averages.

Another area to point out, is the percentage of our kids making “high gain”. That is, our kids who are making MORE than 2 years growth over their two years of school from Yr 3 to Yr 5.

AMAZING results….almost double the Similar School gains in spelling!


We are proud to be recognised as a leading school in supporting students and their families in building their resilience, engagement and relationships.

The school maintains an extremely high attendance rate across all year levels - Prep to Grade 6 attendance rates for 2021 all being above 97%




Elwood Primary School has a very strong student and student family wellbeing focus at its core.
Students identify very positively:

*Cognitive Engagement (90%) and

*Emotional and Relational Engagement (84%)

……well above both Similar School and Network Schools.

It is important to note the extremely positive responses to Stimulated Learning, Effort and Teacher Concern at 100%